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6 Word Quotes About Life

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A word of advice don’t give it.

The soul cannot live without love.

Today is a Good Day, Buddy.

Everything’s fine, close your eyes now.

You are nothing. That means everything.

Creative is intelligence having fun.

My son fills my entire heart.

We all start with small steps.

Are You Living Or Just Existing?

Find yourself, and be that.

Hold me like I’m only yours.

Fall seven-time stand up eight.

Why can’t you love like me?

Intelligence will never stop being beautiful.

It’s okay to cry, a little.

We made these memories for ourselves.

Without music, there is no life.

Everyone struggles, you know. Remember that.

It’s you, not just the idea.

Hopefully my cats never leave me.

The real betrayal is forgetting yourself.

This is your year to sparkle.

Your attitude determines you direction.

The voices tell me I’m normal.

Dark Places Have Room For Light

He failed. They left. He’s Happy.

Your opinion is not my reality.

I didn’t change. My priorities did.

The only easy day was yesterday.

Confidence is silent. Insecurities are loud.

Master the art of observing.

He who angers you controls you.

Don’t wait for opportunity. Create it.

Dreams don’t work unless you do.

Today decisions are tomorrow realities.

He loved her. She loved her.

And things, as things do, changed.

Keep going, you are getting there.

Your mistakes do not define you.

I will always love him more.

Become a priority in your life.

Our perfect match burned out quickly.

No more maybes. Make your choice.

He prayed, I prayed, God answered.

New Year’s resolution: date her already!

I can’t believe she said yes.

Calm is a super power.

A jug fills drop by drop. Buddha

6 Word Quotes About Life

No one ever drowned in sweat. Marine Corps

Live to the point of tears. Albert Camus

Too many irons, not enough fire. S. Kelly Harrell

Big things often have small beginings. Anonymous

Live life, laugh alot, love forever. Anonymous

Love is a serious mental disease. Plato

Daily Quotes

Reality continues to ruin my life. Bill Watterson

Every second is of infinite value. Goethe

More than kisses, letters mingle souls. John Donne

Don’t forget to be awesome.

Over thinking kills your happiness.

Damn You. Let’s Drink Some Wine.

Live the life you love.

The best things happen unexpectedly.

Every end is a new beginning.

You always have a choice.

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